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What does 90 Degree HealthCare Savings do?

90 Degree HealthCare Savings is a subsidiary of BCBS of Alabama with 40 year experience in the healthcare business. They help organizations reduce the cost of their employees’ health benefits by 12 to 25% or more, while reducing their employees' out of pocket costs, and increasing their quality of care.


Their team of experts have the vision and the experience to go where the market will one day be, bringing you a unique service, where you pay 25% of savings and without necessarily changing brokers or health plan providers.


They provide a wide array of services to make sure you experience the highest quality claims administration, actuarial risk management, plan consultation and management that the market has to offer.


Who qualifies?

Any organization with 50 or more employees on their health care plan whether fully insured or self insured will realize significant benefits from this program. Our programs are structured as optional add-ons to your existing plans.


How does it work?

The following cutting edge components are combined in a customized approach for each client to deliver the highest quality care for the least out of pocket expense for both employer and employee.


Rx Watchdog

Delivering lower pharmacy costs


Direct Primary Care Services

Concierge Doctor Program, giving members immediate access to care


Medical Helpline

Hands-On cost containment services


Reference Based Pricing

More cost transparency, less guesswork


Hospital Direct Agreements

Better quality of care for less cost


Spousal Incentive Reimbursement Arrangement SIRA

Lowers out of pocket costs for employees and employers


What about compliance?

The following aspects of Health care compliance are addresses with each plan:

  • ACA Strategy Development & Reporting

  • HIPAA & ERISA Training

  • HR & Benefit Legal Support Portal

  • Compliance and ERISA Attorneys on Staff

  • State & Federal Legislative Compliance Newsletters

How much can I save?

Our services normally reduce employer healthcare plan expense by 12% to 25%. Compared with recent increases in plan expenditures, this is an even more significant reduction. In many cases we are able to save organizations even more: Below is an example of how we have helped one of our clients:  


Who will administer the plan?

Whether switching to a new plan or just making use of a few new components within your existing plan, 90 Degree HealthCare Savings and it’s TPA Entrust will take care of full administration of any new components:

  • Claim Processing Accuracy exceeds Trilogy Industry Standards for Excellence

  • Data Analytics & Reporting

  • In-house Claim Adjudication Software

  • World Class Actuarial & Risk Analysis Services

  • Underwriting & Stop-loss Negotiation & Management

  • Dedicated Account Managers

How much does it cost?  

You pay a percentage of savings realized so you never pay a fee unless you benefit from our services...25% of the reduction in cost from your current plan.  And keep in mind, staying with your current plan would normally result in an annual increase in costs.


How do I get started?

Just submit a recent bill for your healthcare plans and provide a list of participants by age, sex and zipcode and we will provide an estimate to savings for you. We will review your current plan and discuss our recommendations for cost savings with you.


Who you hire can make all the difference.

You can count on the following Innovative approaches to your health care plan with 90 Degree HealthCare Savings:

  • Free Market Driven Solutions

  • Proactive Reference Based Pricing

  • State-of-the-Art Benefits

  • Administration, Enrollment & Compliance Software Solution

  • Comprehensive Back Office Offerings

  • Family Monthly Deductibles

Advocacy and Education are primary in all we do:

  • Member Advocate for Benefit, Financial & Quality of Care Guidance

  • Wellness & Health Literacy Programs

  • Access to Custom Healthcare Bluebook

  • 24-hour Ask-a-Nurse

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Member Communication Videos

  • Member Portal


To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587



We are finding that using your cost saving services is efficient and effective. The process is easy and our employees are pleased with the quality of care and the cost.  We could not be happier with the savings


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