For Our Accounting Partners

Customer retention and satisfaction is an ongoing challenge in today's competitive environment.  Offering the best in tax services means having access to partners with the engineering staff to provide comprehensive studies and documentation in support of Cost Segregation Tax Benefits and R&D Tax Credits.


Joining forces with us can result in Increased Billable Revenue  and Added Value for your clients.  Consider the following benefits:


     > Generating new revenue streams

     > Attracting new clients

     > Developing niche markets

     > Increasing Billable hours

     > Solidifying client relationships and loyalty

     > Increasing your competitive advantage in the marketplace


We are not an accounting firm and so do not represent competition for your company. We have partnered with hundreds of accounting firms around the country to provide the back office engineering capabilities necessary to enable them to deliver state of the art Cost Segregation Studies and R&D Tax Studies.


In the event of an audit we provide unlimited, free audit support to your client which assures client satisfaction with our services.  Due to our experience with thousands of studies, our track record with audits is outstanding.


Let us serve as your reliable back office provider of the support you need to offer these specialized tax services.



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