Alternative Energy Sources


One of our specialties is Energy Management. We have partnered with two energy brokers representing over ten suppliers to help our commercial clients reduce their energy costs.  We act as an independent, unbiased advocate and our goal is to have a positive impact on your bottom line.  We are constantly analyzing market alternatives so that each time an option to renew is available we can find the most cost effective alternative.

Energy Deregulation in Illinois:

In 2007, Illinois deregulated the market for energy supplies, allowing alternative energy suppliers to compete for the opportunity to provide your energy requirements.  Initially, prices rose since the cost of electricity had been held to artificially low levels by regulation.  Many high volume users quickly switched from ComEd to an alternative supplier with lower rates for a fixed contract period.  

In the five years since deregulation, a lot has changed in the market for energy.  New providers continue to gain approval to supply energy in Illinois.  Some have better fixed rates, shorter contract periods, lower floating rates, green options and special promotions for Not-for-Profits.  Certain commercial users of electricity with spikes in their usage (such as churches, entertainment venues and manufacturing facilities) are particularly prone to high electric rates due to inefficient load factors where peak usage far exceeds average usage.

Our offer:

We will help you determine if the rate you are now paying remains competitive in today’s marketplace. Since we represent brokers with multiple options for sourcing energy, we can explore a number of programs to find the best rates available among several suppliers based on your usage and load requirements.  Even if your current supplier has provided you with a renewal rate, it’s always a good idea to get another quote.

Useful information:

  • Floating (indexed) rate contracts have no penalty for inefficient load factors and avoid the cost of hedging to provide fixed rates, usually with a month-to-month commitment.
  • Com Ed continues to deliver electricity, maintain lines, respond to emergencies and send one bill for electric service.
  • Our brokers have the ability to place contracts for over 2 million annual kWh out for fixed rate bids.  Because it is open bidding, the competitors are aware of each other’s pricing and bid accordingly.  
  • All natural gas prices are floating (indexed) rates and consist of a margin (adder) on top of the published NYMEX rate.  We have several suppliers that will provide competing bids to supply your natural gas needs based on your usage.  Your volume may qualify for a significant discount.

Monarch Cost Consultants’ Services:

  • An analysis of the past 12 months usage data
  • Preparation of your RFP to submit to the top energy companies
  • Analyze, interpret and evaluate all of the bids received
  • Present you with an executable contract with the winning bidder
  • Ensure the contract is implemented properly by the chosen supplier

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