Cell Phone Audits


Are you sure you have the best possible service plan from your wireless carrier?  

A cell phone audit will assure that you have the most cost effective plan available.


How much can I save?
Our cell phone audit specialists have only one function--to understand, analyze, manage and save you money on your cellular phone bills...something most companies don't have the time to do.  Average savings for our customers total 25% of their wireless bill without any change in carriers, phones or phone numbers.  Our satisfied clients are national and local companies including contractors, retailers and Fortune 500 companies.

Who qualifies?

If you are spending over $1,000 per month for your cell phone services we can help you reduce your cell phone bills.


How do you reduce cell phone charges?

Our team of specialists have held positions with major wireless carriers working on pricing strategies.  As industry insiders, we apply our in depth knowledge, creativity and unyielding persistence to ensure our clients achieve the lowest possible spending level.  Wireless customers are forced to rely on the carrier’s Sales and Customer Service Reps to provide them with the best possible pricing.  These Representatives are paid to grow THEIR company’s revenue.  They cannot provide you with the lowest possible solution.  The expertise of our team ensures your savings is sustained. We review your company’s usage patterns and gain an understanding of your business rationale to create and sustain long-term savings.


How much does it cost?

Our clients are billed for a percentage of the savings we achieve.  The percentage is normally 50% for a two year contract period.

Our service is truly exceptional.

We can pull electronic invoices straight from your carrier so we are never intrusive to your business and can guarantee the security of your cell phone data.   We only make money by saving you money--so we have gotten very good at it.  


How much of my time will it take?

Some of our clients have achieved 40% annual savings in less than one hour of their time.  We ask key questions relating to your cell phone usage and arrange for copies of previous bills.  We create the analysis and recommendation in one week including a spreadsheet showing the recommended plans for each phone, how much the changes will save your company and an overview of the plans.  It also includes a detailed letter explaining the strategy.  After you review the recommendations, with your approval we will implement the changes for you and you can begin saving.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as simple as providing the past three months of cell phone bills.  This is most often accomplished by sharing the files on line due to the size of most cell phone bills.  There is no investment of time on your part  and no fees until you realize savings based on our recommendations.  You have nothing to lose by giving us a try.

Contact us today and start saving on your cell phone bills next week.



To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587.

A Fortune 500 client was spending in excess of $250,000 per month in cell phone charges.  They had a full IT and telecom department as well as an outside auditor already involved in reviewing charges. Our service is saving them close to 25%.

A national retailer was spending in excess of $36,000 per month in wireless charges. After a thorough analysis we were able to save them close to 50% without changing their carrier, phones or wireless phone numbers.

A local plumbing contractor was spending $5000 per month for cell phones for their field technicians. We saved them over 60% going forward.

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