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Accepting Credit and Debit card transactions is a necessity for most merchants. Paying excessive fees to process these transactions should not be.  Without changing processors, our clients can reduce the fees paid each month by having their statements audited. 

How does it work?
Included in the cost to process any credit/debit card transaction are Interchange Fees charged by Visa/MasterCard and governed by complex rules which are reissued at least twice each year.  Interchange fees are NOT negotiable but can be reduced by making small changes to you processing.  The fees charges by your processor ARE negotiable and our experts know the appropriate fees for your type of business and make sure your fees are in line with the best rates available in the marketplace.  Our ongoing monthly audits uncover and correct any errors that are costing our clients money.

Who can benefit?
Merchants processing at least $400,000 in annual credit card sales can usually benefit from our services.

How much can I save?
Savings average 21% of your credit card fees. This percentage can be higher or lower, depending upon your industry and current processing method.

How much does it cost?
Our fee is 50% of  the savings realized for a three year period, billed monthly.  

How do I get started?
Send us a copy of a recent credit card statement from your processor.  That’s all we need to provide you with an analysis showing an estimate of the savings we expect for you.  This is a free, no obligation evaluation.  We will determine if you are receiving the full benefit from interchange rules and are being charged reasonable fees by your Processor.  Our set up involves a minimal time commitment on your part and then we can get started saving you money on processing fees.


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My credit card processor has been even more attentive to my account. You were able to find errors in what we were being charged by other banks in the processing chain so our our fees are lower and our bank relationship has never been this good.


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