Reduce Printing Costs and Enhance Document Security


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What does DocuFrog do?

Using proprietary software DocuFrog monitors usage by each individual in the company and provides direction to each user regarding ways to reduce the costs of each print job. They don’t sell copiers or supplies.  They target inflated costs within your print flow to increase your profits. Annual savings averages 30% of current printing and copying costs.


What is the Docufrog document “Birth Certificate?

Using proprietary software, each document is provided with a “birth certificate” recording the following information about each document printed:


The birth certificate looks like this:


How does Docufrog improve security?

Using proprietary software, each document is provided with a “Birth Certificate” recording the date, time, location and person printing the document. This OCR scannable stamp can assist companies in achieving full HIPAA compliance with respect to paper documents.



How do I know if I’m HIPAA compliant?

Below is a questionnaire you can use to determine if you are HIPAA compliant with respect to your documents:



Score results:



Who qualifies for DocuFrog’s services?

Any company with at least one printer will likely realize significant savings. Here are some examples of cost reductions realized by our clients:

How much can I save?

Any company paying at least one printer/copier lease will likely realize significant savings. Below is an example of the savings to be realized with DocuFrog.


What does it cost?

There are no setup charges associated with using our software. Monthly user fees are covered by the


of at least a 200% ROI...although most clients experience a return of over 400%.


How do I get started?

Getting started is as simple as sending us copies of one or two of your current copier leases. We can then explain the DocuFrog approach to reducing your printing costs and the Found Money Guarantee in a 10 minute conference call.




To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587






DocuFrog was instrumental in reviewing all of our document infrastructure and processes, guiding us through the process of terminating our previous contract and advising on negotiations for renewal of a new contract.


Upon our renewal, DocuFrog enabled us to save over $27,000 in our document costs. 



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