Energy Bill Audits

Utility company charges are some of the most complicated fees a company pays. This
complexity often leads to potential errors.  Hidden costs, overcharges resulting from
billing errors, charges for non-existing services, and complex billing codes can all contribute 
to over payments.  Our expert utility auditors can audit utility bills in any state.  We can audit 
Electric bills, Gas bills and Water/Sewer bills.

The bottom line? We obtain refunds for historical errors and overcharges and negotiate
cost savings in more than 70% of our utility audits. The average refund totals 8% of the past three year's utility bills. We have no up front fees and we are compensated only after savings are realized.

The core of our efforts is to get a refund for past errors on bills. In most states if errors are 
discovered we can go back as far as three years for a refund, some states even allow for a 
four year look back. Our audit procedure of your company invoices will verify:

Incorrect meter readings
Redundant billing charges
Evaluation of line charges
Surcharges, taxes & tariffs
Billing/accounting errors
Incorrect calculations

If errors are discovered in any of these areas your company would be eligible for a
significant refund.

Reduction of future fees:

In addition we will undertake an effort to reduce the utility expense in the future. This
future reduction involves an in depth look at reducing utility demand, tariff, usage and
distribution charges in deregulated states and these charges along with utility rates in
regulated markets.

If your company has not hired someone to do an in depth audit and analysis of these
charges, there is a good chance your organization is paying much more than they need to.

We do a complete audit and review of these complex charges by looking at every utility
bill from the last three to four years of usage (depending on the state). We look for and

Demand reading errors
Tariff non-compliance
Improper application of tariffs
Evaluation of line charges
Usage charges
Improper application of rates
Incorrect calculation
Power factor analysis
Improper distribution charges
Utility incentive opportunity

The process will also involve in some cases, more in depth data collection at the facility
to verify some of this information.

Our Process:
1. Facility Survey— An auditor will call and collect all data on the facility including equipment,
building and data usage.

2. Predominant Use Study—Engineering report is compiled
3. Filing—All necessary documentation is submitted on behalf of company to the applicable authority and utility company.
4. Verification, Exemption and Refund—We will verify all billing errors have been corrected, all         adjustments have been made and progress is tracked until refund is issued to client.

Call us now to begin the process of recovering overpayments on your utility bills.

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