Judy H. has already saved $600 this year.


I used to purchase my prescription medications at Wal-Mart. It would cost me over $100 each time! Since getting Health Trans Access and switching to Target, I now get my medications at a fraction of the cost! Health Trans Access has saved me around $600 over the past year! It's great! Times are tough and money is tight these days, so the savings are great and have helped me tremendously! I have only one thing to say, "Thank you Health Trans Access"! The world needs more companies and people who care and help others, like HealthTrans Access

Sarah T. saves over $6000 a year with her prescription discount.


Between my husband and me, we have 10 prescriptions that we purchase from our Target store. Target runs each prescription through my private medical plan, my husband's Medicare plan, Target's cash plan, and HealthTrans Access. Of the 10 prescriptions, 4 are priced lower through HealthTrans Access. On those 4 prescriptions alone, we save over $523. With as many Rx's as we have, it's nice to be able to save this amount of money.


           HealthTrans FREE Rx Discount Cards



What is a Health Trans Rx Discount Card?

The card provides the member with discounts of 10% to 80% on brand and generic prescription drugs.  Members can also save up to 75% on lab tests and Imaging tests by ordering the tests themselves online or by phone.  The card can even be shared with family members and friends.  


Who Can Benefit?  

Any employer or employee can benefit from our program...whether you currently provide or have health care insurance or not.  Discount Cards can be distributed to employees or downloaded online HERE.  They are available in Spanish in addition to English.


How much does it cost?

There is no cost to sign up and there are no  restrictions on the use of the card.  Employers can make this membership available to all employees free of charge to the company or the employee.


Where can I use the card?

Most Pharmacies accept the card and there are over 60,000 participating locations nationwide.  A complete list of  pharmacies , labs and testing sites which accept the Health Trans card can be found online and can be searched by address or zipcode. Secure confidential tests are performed by nationally recognized lab and imaging centers and reviewed by certified medical professionals.


How do I know I am getting the best price?

Discounted prices can be compared online for each pharmacy or location.  But, there is no need to guess.  If you have health insurance, simply give both cards to the pharmacist, lab or testing site and they will use the card that saves you the most!


How does it work?

By providing their card to a large number of participants, HealthTrans can take advantage of the buying power of a large number of individuals to negotiate lower prices for their members.  The more members there are, the lower the prices they can negotiate.  Your friends and family members are welcome to use your card or they can visit our Health Trans Website to create and print a membership card personalized with their own name.


Are there any other ways this can benefit my company?

Ask about becoming a HealthTrans affiliate to issue cards to your employees and share in the savings.



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To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587.

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