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On July 9, 2013 Illinois became the 50th state to allow for the Concealed Carry of firearms, specifically handguns. On January 5, 2014, the State Police began processing applications for qualified individuals, who have completed the requisite training, to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  Certain locations are Prohibited Areas by law, including schools, child care facilities, hospitals, public transportation, playgrounds, parks, airports, museums, stadiums, bars, many government buildings and others.  All Prohibited Areas must post signage advising that carrying a concealed firearm on the property is prohibited.  The State Police have adopted the following standardized sign:


The Concealed Carry of Firearms statute also permits property owners to prohibit the concealed carry of handguns by implementing a “Catchall Prohibition,” and posting the required signage for customers and visitors.  If a place of business elects to prohibit Concealed Carry it may provide Public Storage for customers and visitors who are licensed to carry firearms.  Security personnel may be needed to facilitate any Public Storage resources established.


All places of business should consider carefully their policies regarding concealed weapons to avoid unnecessary restrictions on their business while adequately protecting their business from any threats posed by concealed weapons.  Business and property owners should consider their policies with respect to employees, customers, vendors and service providers. Employee policies and handbooks may need to be updated as a result of the new Concealed Carry law.


The above information summarizes some of the main points of the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Law and was provided courtesy of Digby’s Detective & Security Agency.


Need more information?  The complete Illinois Concealed Carry Law can be found HERE.


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