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Tax Credits for New Employees
Are you missing out?


If your company is not screening applicants for Workers Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), you may be missing out on tax credits for hiring employees which range from $2500 to $9,000 for many new employees. 

Since the 2008 recession the Federal Government has expanded exponentially the number of categories that qualify a new hire for tax credits. Traditionally targeted at Veterans, qualifying characteristics now include such things as where an employee lives or caring for a disabled parent. However, the programs are many, the rules are complex and the paperwork required to file for the credits remains cumbersome, so many companies do not bother to file for the credits.Best WOTC (1).jpg

Of the companies that do file, most outsource the process. We have recently automated the screening and filing process, making it easy for us to screen potential employees for you. Because applicants work directly with us on line, they are relieved of concerns they may have about disclosing private information to a potential employer. 

Our fees are contingent upon actual credits received and are among the lowest in the marketplace, only 15% compared to traditional fees of 25-30% of your benefit.  A  monthly fee covers the cost of screening all potential new hires. We will screen your first 10 applicants for a monthly fee of only $19. With benefits ranging from $2500 to $9,000 for many employees, it makes sense to have us screen your applicants even if you hire only a few employees each year.  We have no long term commitments. You can cancel the program at any time.  

Screenings must take place by the employee’s start date and once unclaimed they are lost forever. So act now and don’t miss out on any credits you have earned. You canSignup Online Now or contact me for a free evaluation of your benefits under this program.



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