Savings Opportunities for Manufacturers

R&D Tax Credits
A lot of what you do on a daily basis involves research into better products and development of improved ways to make those products: R&D.  Our engineers document your efforts and work with your accountants to recoup taxes previously paid, saving an average of 5% of your annual payroll through R&D tax credits.  Learn More

Power Conditioning Devices
Our Energy Management System (EMS) is a UL Certified and ETL listed power conditioning device. Some installations have reduced electric consumption by over 20%.  Power factors, reduced by inductive motors, have  been increased to over 95%.  Attractive, tax deductible, lease financing and a 12 month payback make this a no risk decision. Have your facilities manager or electrician call to learn more.  Learn More

Tax Benefits for Commercial Property Owners:
For commercial property or leasehold improvements valued over $750,000, our engineers can reclassify portions of your building into asset categories with accelerated depreciation schedules, saving an average of 5% of the building’s cost in tax liabilities.  Improvements made in 2011 and 2012 also qualify for Bonus Depreciation.  Learn More

Property Tax Appeals
For commercial properties with property taxes in excess of $50,000 annually, our accountants and tax attorneys are experts at negotiating with your assessor for lower property valuations based on today’s market prices.  Savings average 10% to 20% of your tax bill.  Learn More

Energy Savings
Our broker network offers low cost alternative sources of electricity and gas often saving 20% over traditional sources.  We have green options for the conservation minded which take advantage of Federal, State and Local incentives and rebates.  Learn More
Workers Compensation Premium Audits
Companies with annual workers compensation premiums of $50,000 can often recoup 15% of their annual premium with an audit.  We review your classifications, reserves, experience modifiers and payroll exclusions, then work with your insurance company to obtain refunds of previously paid premiums.  Learn More

Hiring Incentives
Businesses hiring at least 100 employees annually, including turnover and temporary help, can benefit from hiring incentives.  We don’t interfere with your hiring practices. We simply interview your new hires and find which of the many local, state and federal programs they qualify for.  We prepare the paperwork and obtain your credits for average of $2500 per qualified employee.  Learn More

Operating Expense Reductions
Our auditors can reduce the following operating expenses by an average of 15% by auditing the bills of your current suppliers and therfore with no change in vendors:


Electricity, Gas and Water Bills  Learn More

FedEx and/orUPS  Learn More

Waste Disposal     Learn More



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