EMEX Online Energy Auctions

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The leading online electricity clearinghouse for American business.  

EMEX clients have saved over $16 million in energy costs.

What is EMEX?
Founded in 2007, Energy Market Exchange offers leading-edge web-based technologies for sourcing the lowest possible prices on commercial energy in America.  

EMEX operates and is fully licensed and bonded in the deregulated states we now serve:

CONNECTICUT                                                           NEW YORK              
DELAWARE                                                                OHIO
ILLINOIS                                                                      PENNSYLVANIA
MASSACHUSETTS                                                     TEXAS
MARYLAND                                                                 WASHINGTON DC

Who can benefit from our services?

Any business using at least 20,000 kWh annually can use our online services.  Our Online Reverse Auction ( reverse because sellers offer their lowest price) is ideally suited for industrial parks, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, shopping outlets, franchises, churches and hospitals.

How does it work?
We have put the power to save money in the hands of our clients.  Our ground-breaking
technology dramatically simplifies commercial energy sourcing.  We have replaced complex and  time-consuming bidding processes with Instant Rate Lock-Ins™ and EMEX Online Reverse Auctions™.  We support our clients at every turn, from easy online account creation to assisting with contract preparation and reviews.

What is an EMEX Reverse Auction™?
Normally, if you want to get a lower price on commercial energy, you have to go out and ask suppliers for it. This occurs during a request for proposal (RFP) process… which can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months and many man hours.  In an EMEX Reverse Auction, energy suppliers come to you. They bid against each other for your business in a live 5 to 10 minute auction. The heated competition drives down prices.  And, you are not obligated to accept a bid once the auction is complete.

Using our proprietary system, you can secure a lower energy rate in as little as one hour with four  simple steps:

1. Create an account online.
2. Over our secure system, tell us about your energy usage by simply entering data from your   

    most recent bill.

3. Schedule a start date and time for your reverse auction.
4. When your auction begins, sign in to watch suppliers bid for your business… and then lock in the      best rate.  

What if I run into problems with my auction?
Our large consulting team does everything you don’t have time to do.  They are available by phone email and chat at any time throughout the process to answer your questions and assist with with the auction, rate lock and contract.

How much does it cost?
You’ll never get a bill from EMEX. The pre- and post-auction consulting is free. Setting up
the auction and using the system is free.  Contract preparation and review is free.  Also, utilizing the EMEX Reverse Auction takes only a fraction of the staff time required by traditional methods. There is no financial risk, as you are not obligated to accept a bid once the auction is complete.

When a bid is accepted and a contract signed, we are paid by the supplier.  Because we earn income for our services from energy suppliers, you will never pay a fee directly to us.  The result? You get the lowest possible price on commercial energy…with radically less effort than ever before and with no direct cost to you.

What is an EMEX Instant Rate Lock-In™?
When time is of the essence – and your energy needs are less complex – let EMEX find you the best rates of the day. There’s no commitment and no registration necessary until you’re ready to lock in a rate!

1. TELL US ABOUT YOUR ENERGY USAGE-Enter basic details from your utility bill, and we’ll instantly show you the lowest rates available in your area. As many as 15 suppliers may offer their lowest rates to you… instantly.

2. LOCK IN THE LOW BID YOU LIKE-Locking in a new low rate from a supplier is as easy as clicking a button and letting EMEX facilitate the whole contract process. It’s all taken care of easily, fluidly and online.

If you don’t see a rate you like…EMEX is happy to offer a custom-quoting service. Our Custom Quote service gets bids tailored to your needs.  Set the time period during which you’re willing to let suppliers bid –whether 1 day or 1 week. During that period, sign in to your account or check your email for the latest low bids from participating suppliers.  When a supplier presents the rate you’ve been waiting for, click to lock it in!

How can EMEX’s suppliers offer lower prices for energy?
Under the traditional energy delivery system, a network of power plants produce electrical
energy to be released into the Energy Grid. Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) purchase this
energy in very large blocks to then be supplied to the customer, or end-user. Nominations will
be set daily by LDCs as to how much power is needed and it is the Regional Transmission
Organization’s (RTO) or Independent Systems Operator’s (ISO) task to manage and control the
wholesale power released into the grid each day.


Deregulation effectively allows Retail Energy Providers (REPs) to enter the marketplace and
purchase energy from the Energy Grid to sell to end-users at market prices. Because of strict
regulatory control, non-profit status and the way in which energy is purchased by the LDC,
REPs are typically able to purchase and provide the energy to end-users at a lower price.

What if my new energy supplier cannot deliver my electricity?
Your Local Utility (LDC) continues to deliver your power and will always remain the “default” provider of electricity for you at all times.  If your supply contract expires or your energy supplier would fail, your account will automatically be switched back to the LDC at the current rate offered by your local utility.  You will never be without power.

In addition, we work with well established, licensed energy providers. EMEX has negotiated with 30+ top energy providers in the deregulated states we serve to secure significantly lower rates for your business.  Suppliers bidding for business via EMEX include:

Direct Energy                                                            Hess
Constellation Energy                                                 South Jersey Energy
First Energy                                                              GDF Suez
ConEdison Solutions                                                 PPL EnergyPlus

What if I prefer a floating rate for my energy?
Variable, or Indexed Rates are also available through EMEX.  In this case, suppliers bid to offer the lowest “Adder” or margin over the Locational Marginal Price, or LMP which is specific to your Utility. For more information regarding floating rates, see our Index/Variable Rate FAQ’s.  




To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587.


“EMEX did the preparation correctly, as well as checking to see that things were in place. They were timely with their
correspondence and very professional to work with. It was almost effortless on my part, and ran quickly and smoothly.”

Carol Hackenberg, Executive Director
Cape May Housing Authority

“I would give the EMEX reverse auction the highest recommendation I could. In the last 2 years, we’ve saved nearly $130,000 thanks to EMEX, and the entire process was easy. We couldn’t be happier.”

Timothy Quinn, Township of Morris
New Jersey

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