The PowerwoRx

Green Energy Management System 



What is the PowerwoRx?
The PowerwoRx is a UL approved, solid state, maintenance free Integrated Power Quality Solution.  It combines Surge Protection, Power Factor correction and Harmonics (noise) correction designed to protect sensitive equipment and reduce the power needed to run that equipment.  

How does the system work?
The PowerwoRx combines three well known power conditioning technologies, Industrial grade Metal Oxide Varisters MOV’s for surge protection, active harmonic filtration to eliminate noise and capacitors to improve power factors into an integrated whole.  It is a unique combination of these three power conditioning technologies which work synergistically to protect sensitive equipment and reduce the power needed to run that equipment. Read about the PowerwoRx Three Solutions in One.

Who Qualifies?
Nearly any business which consumes significant amounts of electricity , generally 40,000 kWh or more each month, and needs to protect its electronic equipment from expensive maintenance and repairs.  PowerwoRx has thousands of installations nationwide including Airports, Hospitals, Data Centers, Sports Arenas, Schools, Health clubs, Office Buildings, Banks, Sewage Treatment and Water Pumping facilities, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Manufacturers of all types including Machine shops, Food Processors, Printing and Refining.

How much can I save?
The actual reduction in energy consumed can vary between 5% and 12%. After reviewing the power usage at a facility, our engineers will issue a guarantee regarding the minimum reduction in electric consumption which a client can expect. Actual savings will be vary depending on the price paid for electricity, demand charges, and power factor penalties charged by the local utility. The average payback is less than 2 years in energy savings alone. Additional savings over the 20 year life of the PowerwoRx are even more significant, in the form of reduced equipment servicing, downtime, maintenance and parts.  

How much does it cost?
Each installation is custom designed to meet the needs of the facility and its equipment.  Installation is included in the price of the product.  In general, the cost of the energy saved is sufficient to pay for the installation within three years.  Attractive lease programs are available to insure the cost is tax deductible.  Since the units are solid state with no moving parts they are maintenance free and will continue to deliver savings for a minimum 20 year useful life with no maintenance costs.

Is it difficult to install?
As part of the installation process, our engineers at Continental Power Corporation determine the location and configuration for each facility.  We contract with local electricians for the installations and will work with your qualified electrician if you like.   There is no need to shut down the electricity in your facility during installation and so no interruption to your operations. Depending on the size of the installation, it can be accomplished between one hour and a day or two.

Hasn’t this technology been around for a while?
Absolutely. Electricians have long used capacitors to increase the power factor in facilities.  However without the strategic integration of harmonic filtering devices and surge protection, capacitors can create distortions which waste energy and generate heat within the electrical system.  Excess heat is responsible for much of the damage, wear and tear which can actually shorten the life of expensive equipment and components.

How do I get started?
Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more about our company, Continental Power Corporation, its management and history, its manufacturing facilities, product quality, experience and references.  All we need to understand your requirements and evaluate your savings potential are a recent electric bill and your authorization to obtain a usage and demand profile from your electric company for the past year.




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