Savings on Shipping Bills

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How can I save?
Our specialists at VeriShip have only one function--to understand, analyze, manage and save you money on your FedEx/UPS bills...something most companies don't have the time to do. We have found that nearly 90% of customers are overpaying by at least 10%. VeriShip has saved over six figures in shipping charges for Crate & Barrel.  Some of their other 1700 satisfied clients include Kodak, Westinghouse and

How does VeriShip reduce shipping charges?
Many companies aren't aware that up to 5% of all packages shipped fail to meet the service guarantee of FedEx/ UPS. Since you must file a claim for a refund, billions in unclaimed refunds are left on the table each year by Fed Ex and UPS clients. VeriShip audits your shipping bills each month using proprietary software, systematically secures your refunds and then bills you a percentage of the credit you receive.

What does it cost?
The client is billed for a percentage of the credit received from FedEx or UPS.  The percentage is based on volume.  There are no long term contracts, no fees and no charges for our services until we secure refunds for you.  VeriShip also provides free reporting services and shipping optimization.  

Our service is truly exceptional.
We pull electronic invoices straight from FedEx or UPS so we are never intrusive to your business and can guarantee the security of your shipping data.   We only make money by saving you money--so we have gotten very good at it.  

How much can I save?
We would be happy to arrange a webinar, or visit in person to talk further about this service.  We are often able to save 10% or more of your company's shipping charges.  Custom designed management reports are provided at no additional charge, saving in-house development expense.

How do I get started?
Getting started is as simple as signing a service agreement and an authorization allowing us to receive copies of your bills.  There is no investment of time on your part  and no fees until you see a credit on your bills from FedEx or UPS. You have nothing to lose by giving us a try.

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Thanks to your help we are receiving substantial refunds each month from FedEx and UPS.  The free reports generated as part of your review of our shipping invoices has allowed us to see the big picture, recoup lost revenue and focus on improving our shipping process.
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