ShipStore for 15%+ Savings on Document, Small Parcel and LTL Shipments


We deliver savings of 15% or more on document, parcel and LTL shipments with no upfront cost or investment.

Shipping is complex and can be very costly with the slightest miscalculation. If you’re trying to manage your shipping manually you could be missing out on lower-cost options.

How does it work?

Our best-in-class multi-carrier shipping software calculates the lowest cost option for each shipment. You can opt for lowest cost, fastest delivery or other parameters for each shipment. 

You can get rates for all of your carriers on one platform or you can optimize service levels with a carrier of choice. And you can send your outbound tracking links directly to your customers. Our software includes LTL modules, packing modules, order and tracking modules.

We have negotiated exclusive rates with both national and regional carriers for document, parcel and LTL shipments. We aggregate shipping from of all our clients to achieve preferred rates with ALL national and regional carriers.

Our USPS rates are second only to Amazon’s because we move more than 200 Million packages through their network annually. NOWHERE else will you be able to beat our exclusive USPS rates!

Our software integrates into any ERP, WMS, OMS, MIS and print MIS platforms. We use the latest technology which makes our system scalable to handle all your shipping needs.


What other benefits are there?


We give you real-time shipping options with exclusive rates you may otherwise not have access to — without the need for multiple carrier systems or print stations.


It’s not just about better rates; it’s about having more options. Where you might only ship on one or two primary carriers today, through our robust shipping technology you will have access to most national and regional carriers.

You can keep your current carriers and load them into our shipping platform as an available option. Our technology simply ensures you’re aware of the lowest-cost option based on desired service levels.

Who can benefit?


Anyone spending $500,000 or more annually to ship documents, parcels or LTL’s or sending 200 shipments per day will experience cost reductions of 15% or more. Even if you want to remain with your LTL logistics supplier, we can offer savings on document and parcel shipments.


What makes our technology unique? 

Our technology allows you to apply markups so you can now generate revenue from your shipping.  Your shipping department can dramatically reduce shipping expense with this feature.

How much can I save?

Generally our clients experience a shipping cost reduction of 15% or more. There are also savings in time and salary expense associated with the efficiency of having all shipping and tracking information available on one platform.

How much does it cost?


It’s a NO COST solution for you. You get an enterprise-class shipping technology with no investment.  We cover the cost of providing the software through a small margin on the cost of shipping.

How do I get started?

With a copy of your document, parcel and LTL shipment invoices, we’ll run a FREE rate analysis on your current shipping invoices to show you PROJECTED SAVINGS. We can typically have your results back to you within 3-business days. 



To Request Information, Contact Us or call us at 800-598-5587.


Case Study: Midwest Manufacturing Company


They had built their reputation on service and reliability and needed a shipping solution to increase the speed at which they got their  products into their customers’ hands.


They now have the extensive reporting, dashboard generation, and metrics they need to provide high end service and reliability.


They were able to consolidate four locations into one shipping platform and specify a box code specific to each batch. They can now print standard, doctab, and generic courier labels in one system by reading a barcode scanner.

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