Virtual Credit Cards

An Enhanced Accounts Payable Option



What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A payment option in addition to checks and ACH transactions to initiate payments to suppliers and vendors for corporate B2B payments. Unlike checks and ACH payments, there are no bank charges when using a Virtual Credit Card to initiate a payment.  In addition, companies receive a rebate for each payment made up to 1.5% of the transaction.  Additional annual revenue averages .4% of accounts payable, or .2-.3% of total sales added directly to your pre-tax profit.  


Who qualifies?

Any company paying at least $5million in accounts payable annually will likely realize significant additional revenue by adding virtual credit cards to their payable platform.  Nearly all accounts payable systems can easily accommodate the use of a virtual credit card.


What does it cost?

There are no setup charges or ongoing processing fees associated with using virtual credit cards. There is no need for an additional bank relationship. Our setup specialists can have most companies using the platform seamlessly within a few days with a total time investment of less than 10 hours on the part of the company.


Why would a supplier agree to accept a credit card payment?

Over 750,000 companies in our database have already agreed to accept credit card payments from their B2B customers.  The payment platform is efficient and easy to work with.  In addition, many companies paying with credit cards will place suppliers which accept virtual credit card payments on preferred vendor lists and give these companies priority when awarding new business.


What about security when using a credit card for payments?

Each transaction utilizes a unique credit card number which is never reused so there is no possibility of fraudulent use of the credit card number. And there are four additional layers of security. It is actually more secure than using a check or ACH payment.


What is the advantage of our Virtual Credit Card service?

Wel work with your existing suppliers in cooperation with your accounts payable department to convert as many of your suppliers as possible to the platform thereby maximizing your rebate revenue.  Participation rates average 28% of the supplier base of most companies. Our platform is the largest Virtual Credit Card processor in the nation with over 15,000 enthusiastic users.  


How do I get started?

In a 15 minute conference call we can explain the virtual credit card service and address any questions you have.  With a list of your suppliers, we can then prepare an analysis of the estimated revenue you could generate through the use of Virtual Credit Cards.  Contact Us today to arrange a time for us to talk. Stop missing out on additional revenue and the ease of payment processing with Virtual Credit Cards.




To Request Information, Contact Us or call Cherelyn Riesmeyer at 800-598-5587



We are finding that payments using your virtual card product are efficient and effective. The process is easy and our vendors seem pleased with the detailed remittance information.  We have just received another quarterly rebate and I could not be happier.


Retail Hardware Store CFO

Your support to our team has been outstanding. The process has proven simple, non-intrusive and well worth it. Please accept my strong endorsement of your services and the use of virtual cards as a payment option for other colleges and universities.


College Controller

The implementation went very well, and I was impressed with the Vendor Enrollment support we received. Beyond the revenue share we have experienced a reduction in overall AP costs. We made a great decision to pursue this payment option.


Hospital CFO

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