Waste Disposal

We help you save needless costs in your waste disposal bill by analyzing your services and recommending the most cost-effective solutions. With our expertise and knowledge of the industry, you will receive the most effective and efficient disposal bill investigation on the market today.  

Waste disposal is a necessity.  Overpaying for this service should not be.  Let us review your bills to check for overcharges.  Our service is FREE unless we produce results.

We investigate new, innovative ways of recycling.  You can save money and help the planet  at the same time.

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Invoice Auditing 

Most property managers/owners lack the time and expertise required to effectively audit these accounts, nor do they realize overcharges exist.  Our analysis includes finding loopholes by conducting a thorough review of your property, past invoices and pricing schedule.  Whether your property is located in a city with set pricing or an open market, we know what it takes to uncover big savings.


 Waste Audit

Each company's waste outsourcing needs are unique.  Our approach begins with a thorough evaluation of your waste stream so  we can create a solution that’s right for you.


Customized Programs

We will create a customized program that includes increased recycling, tailored pick-up schedules, and correct-size equipment.  If there is a more cost-effective way of handling your waste and recycling requirements we help to implement it.


Contract Negotiations

If needed, we will suggest the best haulers for your needs including e-waste, medical waste and recycling.  We can then handle the entire contract process from start to finish.


Program  Management 

We can be contracted with your facility to manage all of your waste removal and recycling services with customized consolidated billing to meet your individual accounting needs.  We can handle all of your customer service needs directly with the waste and recycling haulers.



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